Hearing Voices Workshops in February 2016, with Trevor Eyles.

Trevor is the Hearing Voices consultant for the Aarhus district of Denmark, with 15 years experience and widely recognised expertise in the Hearing Voices approach.

These workshops are filled with practical experiences for those interested in learning about using this approach to help live better with their own voices, and those interested in supporting this work.

People who have completed these workshops by Trevor in Denmark and across Europe over the past seven years have gone on to start or develop Hearing Voices Groups.

People must register in pairs – a voice hearer who wants to reduce the distress they experience from the voices, and a supporter (clinician, peer worker, etc.) who wants to learn to work with voices. The fees cover both participants ($210 per day).

Voice Dialogue – Programme for the Three Day course

General overview

  • Professionals or support workers and voice-hearers are invited to participate and work as pairs during the three-day course
  • Presentation of the core concepts of working with voices
  • Introduction to theoretical aspects of Voice- Dialogue
  • Exercises for both professionals and Voice-hearers

Day 1

  • What do we know about voice-hearing?
  • Research – cultural differences, etc.
  •  Working with Voices – various methods
  •  Introduction to the Maastricht Interview

Day 2

  • Working with the Maastricht Interview
  • Making a construct: An analysis of the experience, posing two questions:
    • Who do the voices represent?
    • What problems do the voices represent?

Day 3

  • Voice-Dialogue: Talking with the voices.
  • Theory and practice.

Voice Dialogue – Programme for the One Day course

The one-day workshop would include all of those elements of working with voices – though at an introductory level. There will be more emphasis on facilitating groups than in the three-day workshop.

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Brisbane One Day 15 Feb 2016

Brisbane Three Day 17-19 Feb 2016

Melbourne Three Day 2016