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My approach to first episode psychosis

Here is an expert by experience whose wisdom comes from detailed exploration of her own experience and has taught me much about how to respond to people’s lived experience – thanks Sarah!

Sarah K Reece

After my first experience of psychosis, I did a lot of thinking and wondering about where it came from. I visited my psychologist and we talked about all these different ideas, and put together a strategy in the aftermath. We agreed that the idea in John Watkins book Unshrinking Psychosis that there can be many different reasons for psychosis, including positive ones such as personality reorganisation, or a spiritual awakening, was a good foundation. We drew no conclusions about why I’d had the episode, and made no assumptions about what it meant. Going forwards we decided the best approach was

  • For me to work on accepting the idea that I am a person who sometimes experiences psychosis as quickly, gently, and positively as possible. It can be a huge shift in self-perception and identity, and if too large, or threatening to hope and self esteem, people stay mired…

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Psychosis sufferers get a voice – Aucklander – The Aucklander News

“Reality,” says Debra Lampshire, “isn’t always gentle and kind and loving.” – Psychosis sufferers get a voice – Aucklander – The Aucklander News.