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Trauma-focussed therapy for distressing voices- research study

Dear all

Please assist with the recruitment of participants in this important research project. This will support the group who have recently published this important research!AqYGk_fU0MRtgbRQcYMRgUVb_7BrfQ

Rachel Brand has written:

I am a Clinical Psychologist working at The Voices Clinic in Melbourne. We are currently running a pilot trial (part of my PhD) evaluating a trauma-focussed therapy for people who hear distressing voices.

The therapy involves talking about past traumatic or stressful events in a safe space with a therapist in order to process and make sense of the memories. We are using an adapted version of imaginal exposure and seeing the trial as a ‘proof of concept’ to see whether exposure can help with distressing voices that are related to trauma. We hope to contribute to knowledge about whether/how exposure might be used as part of a wider, phased, trauma focussed therapy for people who hear distressing voices.

I am wondering whether you would be willing to share information about the study through your networks?

We are seeking Melbourne/Victoria based people who currently hear distressing voices, who identify as having experienced traumatic or stressful events, and who are at a point in their recovery in which they would like to access a trauma-focussed therapy that aims to address the impact of these events.

This study is being run by myself as part of my PhD studies, with Neil Thomas. Susan Rossell, and Sarah Bendall all supervising. We also have had consultation and input from international experts in the delivery of trauma-focussed therapies for people experiencing psychosis.

I am attaching a leaflet and more information can also be found at

Please let me know if there is any more information I can provide. I would be very happy to talk more with you about the project.

Best wishes,


Dr Rachel Brand

Clinical Psychologist
The Voices Clinic
Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre

PhD Candidate
Centre for Mental Health
School of Health Sciences | Swinburne University of Technology
Email: rbrand | Phone: (03) 9214 4840

The RECALL Project: Evaluating a trauma-focussed therapy for voice hearing experiences –