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Global map of Hearing Voices Groups and Networks

The Hearing Voices movement global map

There are 35 national networks, over 400 regional, and local hearing voices networks, groups, research & training centres which can be found on this map, They are indicated by different coloured pins. The pin legend and colour codes are list below the map, where you can find addresses and contact details.

The map has been updated in October 2015 at the time of the Seventh International Hearing Voices Congress, with over 700 delegates in Madrid, Spain. Reviews of the conference are available here

The 8th Congress will be in Paris in October 2016 – visit for more details as they are released.

Another very useful resource to explain more modern view of the Voice Hearing experience is from a Dutch advocacy group, which can be read on line or downloaded and printed

There is also a detailed explanation in English about the Anoiksis Dutch service users group and their proposal to replace the inaccurate and stigmatising term "schizophrenia" with the term "psychosis susceptibility syndrome". some of their web site is in English

HV Training Workshops

Finally, some on the list will recall Trevor Eyles visiting Perth for the International Conference on Recovery from Psychosis (2008). Trevor is an English mental health nurse, who has lived in Denmark for the last 25 years, and for the last 15 has been practicing in the Hearing Voices approach, with widely recognised expertise in the Maastricht Interview for Voice Hearers, and in Voice Dialogue. A recording of his Perth presentation is here

Trevor will be in Australia from 13 Feb to 8 March 2016 and has asked me if we can organise a series of workshops and public lectures.

Trevor has a well established training programme he has delivered in many places across Denmark and in Europe in the last seven years, since his appointment as the Hearing Voices Consultant for the Aarhus district in Denmark. In this video he outlines some of his work and describes the workshops in part

Those list members who have met Elisabeth Svanholmer, on her visit to Australia to teach with

Rufus May in April, will appreciate that Trevor’s work with her in groups and individually were important elements in her recovery, and they still work together in the Danish Hearing Voices Network.

Please see the attached information, and please email psychosislinks if you would like to host a workshop or lecture by Trevor while he is here.

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Draft flyer – Trevor 2016.pdf

Draft flyer – Trevor 2016.pdf

Successful and Schizophrenic –

Important article by Ellen Saks, Professor of Law and Psychiatry, about her experiences of psychosis