Is there hope after a diagnosis of schizophrenia?


This documentary shows three people who have created successful lives after periods of severe disruption through psychosis – here is a clear message of hope – Surviving Schizophrenia- click here to play video

Madness Made Me – Documentary about Mary O’Hagan, peer consultant and author from New Zealand, compares her journal entries with case notes from her time in hospital…

Dr Chris Gordon and Brenda Miele Soares describe the implementation of Open Dialogue principles in their services in Framingham, Massachusetts

Professor Richard Bentall’s lecture for IAI – Treating Psychosis


Professor Jim van Os

Jim has made a series of videos which outline his simple approach to understanding how various experiences called psychotic often can often have quite simple, ordinary explanations

Everybody has psychotic experiences

What is psychosis?

The five phases of psychosis and recovery

Jim’s TED talk

Eleanor Longden’s TED talk

Jaakko Seikkula discusses what Open Dialogue is not (subtitled Danish)

Compassion for Voices: a tale of courage and hope

Dr Peter C Gøtzsche on how to create a better psychiatry
– here Peter describes how addictive psych drugs really are, and their use leads to more disability

The UK Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry ( has a youtube channel featuring a series of talks on the topic of medication safety

Take these Broken Wings by Daniel Mackler

Open Dialogue by Daniel Mackler

Healing Homes by Daniel Mackler

Psychiatrist Dr Colin Ross discusses his views on the science behind current psychiatric practice


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