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Schizophrenia Research Forum:

Schizophrenia Research Forum:.

“This was a fantastic, ground-breaking group of presentations by persons in recovery from schizophrenia. I believe this may have been the first time there has been a program consisting of presentations by schizophrenia patients at the ICOSR meeting. Perhaps it could have been better highlighted in the program. It seemed to me that many of the attendees did not know about the program until after it had been presented.”

Quality of life is predictive of relapse in schizophrenia

This report from a French group looked at relapse data for more than 1000 people in three countries, and found that quality of life measures correlate with relapse (53% in the 24 month period they followed) better than other factors – like age, functioning or compliance.

The authors conclude that:

“QoL, as assessed by the SF36, is an independent predictor of relapse at a 24-month follow-up in schizophrenia. This finding may have implications for future use of the QoL in psychiatry. Moreover, our findings may support the development and monitoring of complementary therapeutic approaches, such as ‘recovery-oriented’ combined with traditional mental health cares to prevent relapse.”

This article is freely available from Biomed Central – BMC Psychiatry at http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-244X/13/15/abstract

Interesting (and free) online articles on resilience and recovery, in ‘Studies in Social Justice’

Vol 6, No 1 (2012): The Politics of Resilience and Recovery in Mental Health Care

Guest Editors: Jijian Voronka and Alison Howell

Table of Contents


Introduction: The Politics of Resilience and Recovery in Mental Health Care PDF
Jijian Voronka, Alison Howell 1-7


Uncovering Recovery: The Resistible Rise of Recovery and Resilience PDF
David Harper, Ewen Speed 9-26
Towards a Social Justice Framework of Mental Health Recovery PDF
Marina Morrow, Julia Weisser 27-43
Power and Participation: An Examination of the Dynamics of Mental Health Service-User Involvement in Ireland PDF
Liz Brosnan 45-66
The New Vocabulary of Resilience and the Governance of University Student Life PDF
Katie Aubrecht 67-83
“Recovering our Stories”: A Small Act of Resistance PDF
Lucy Costa, Jijian Voronka, Danielle Landry, Jenna Reid, Becky Mcfarlane, David Reville, Kathryn Church 85-101

Other Articles

Homelessness in the Suburbs: Engulfment in the Grotto of Poverty PDF
Isolde Daiski, Nancy Viva Davis Halifax, Gail J. Mitchell, Andre Lyn 103-123
The Aesthetic Post-Communist Subject and the Differend of Rosia Montana PDF
Irina Velicu 125-141

Book Reviews

Review of Global Child Poverty and Well-Being: Measurement, Concepts, Policy and Action PDF
Laura Camfield 143-146
Review of Becoming Biosubjects: Bodies, Systems, Technologies PDF
Audrey L’Espérance 147-149