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How to facilitate and support self-determination of patients in psychiatric practice

EPA 30th Anniversary Ethics Symposium 2013
15 November 2013 – Council of Europe – Strasbourg, France
How to facilitate and support self-determination of patients in psychiatric practice
Abstract of presentation by A. Heinz, Prof. Dr. med.
There is currently a debate between legal practitioners and psychiatrists on different forms of compulsory treatment and their ethical implications. This debate is based on different concepts of autonomy and its prerequisites. We advocate an approach that centers on the individual demands of the person, promotes open settings and focuses on intensified relationships

WHO WE ARE 30th Anniversary Anniversary Symposium | European Psychiatric Association.

Psychosis as a Personal Crisis

A new book has been added to the the ISPS book series (published by Routledge) late in 2012

Edited by Professor Marius Romme and Dr Sandra Escher, “Psychosis as a Personal Crisis” describes an approach which is fundamentally about the person, and finding traditional medical approaches at best providing band-aid treatment for these crises, this book seems to provide a framework for this personalised response to  distressing symptoms, like voices (auditory hallucinations) and beliefs (delusions).

A sample chapter, “Psychiatry at the crossroads: The limitations of contemporary psychiatry in validating subjective experiences “, by Dr Brain Martindale, is available for download here.

Dr Martindale has written extensively on psychosis – two of his freely available papers are here:

Psychodynamic contributions to early intervention in psychosis

The rehabilitation of psychanalysis and the family in psychosis: Recovering from blaming