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Rachel Waddingham talks about voices and dissociation in Perth, WA. Rachel (Rai) Waddington is a service user whose recovery has given her the skills to develop and run a very successful programme for young people in London  England  she has recently returned there from a very well received series of workshops in Perth  Western Australia, hosted by RFWA (Richmond Fellowship). Here she makes some observations:

Other/Wise, the Online journal of the International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education:

Encountering ideas in ways other than expected allows us to see things we might otherwise overlook. The word otherwise suggests that experiencing that which is different can make us wise. With this in mind we created Other/Wise, an unconventional online journal that makes room for the familiar and the unfamiliar in understanding psychoanalysis. Through observation, art, reading, thinking, day dreaming and ideas not yet thought our journal pursues psychoanalysis with a language of passion and desire.Other/Wise invites you to contribute work that creates openings in psychoanalysis.

Paul McNamara is a mental health nurse working in perinatal mental health (supporting new mums and their babes to thrive). This is important because there is emerging evidence that many illnesses (physical AND mental/emotional) are based on the effects of the early environment on the genome (epigenetics).

Mad in America is a blog with contributions from academics, reporters and service users with critical voices about the massive increases in the use of psychiatric medication in the US (and world-wide), which has coincided with massive increases in psychiatric disability  rather than any reduction. This blog highlights the thoughts of Robert (Bob) Whitaker, award winning science journalist turned activist.

The Serious Mental Illness concentration (SMI) at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University is one of three concentrations within the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program that address the needs of underserved, high-risk clinical populations

Recovery From Schizophrenia New understandings of the mind and of madness can open new doors to full recovery – By Ron Unger LCSW

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  1. Hi Phillip

    Good to see your post on your Blog highlighting our End Seclusion Now lobby group here in New Zealand. Can you put a link to our blog amongst the other blogs you have listed. We added your blog to our site as well as highlighted your call for Australia to follow our lead on our blog page!

    We would also appreciate it if you could forward on details of our website to any one you know in Australia who would support our campaign.

    Keep up the good work

    Jak Wild
    End Seclusion Now

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