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Treating Prolonged Grief Disorder:  A Randomized Clinical Trial

At last – evidence that feelings are important as well as thoughts (CBT): “emotional processing of memories of the death is an important component to achieve optimal reductions in PGD severity. Facilitating emotional responses to the death may promote greater changes in appraisals about the loss, which are associated with symptom reduction.”

It’s not hard to understand that many psychotic reactions will require similar processing of unbearable affect

JAMA Network | JAMA Psychiatry | Treating Prolonged Grief Disorder:  A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Manualised CBT for Psychosis

In Western Australia, the Centre for Clinical Interventions has provided a manual for the delivery of CBT for psychosis which is available for download here. Their website is also worth considering –

Another freely available resource related to this theme is an article in Schizophrenia Bulletin from 2009, by Sara Tai and Douglas Turkington – The Evolution of Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Schizophrenia: Current Practice and Recent Developments