Daniels case.

Words alone can not express our sincere thanks, warm appreciation and gratitude for ALL INVOLVED who have made this possible.
A very special thank you must go to a farmer ( a Diary Farmer ) a dear friend who choses to remain anonymous…whose son’s life ended tragically while on psychotropic drugs… and who upon hearing of Garth’s plight was determined that this would not happen to Garth.
…this farmer introduced me to Professor Peter Gotzsche… ( whom the farmer describe as an exocet missile needed to unsettle psychiatry in the State of Victoria)… here in Australia… Peter put up a letter sent to him from Garth at the C.E.P. conference at Roehampton University in London… that got the attention of the international community… Thank you Peter…and of course Dr.Jock McLaren…

On ‎22‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 9:01 AM, “Philip Benjamin” wrote: >
>On 21 June 2016 at 22:03, Niall McLaren >wrote:
>Follow-up here.
>http://www.madinamerica.com/2016/06/feral-psychiatry-more-on-the- >garth-daniels-case/
>Niall McLaren
>Brisbane, Australia
>Congratulations Garth, Niall, and all involved in a wonderful >effort to
>free Garth to begin his journey of recovery, and welcome to >Queensland,
>Bernard, Garth, and all!
>So many clinicians who are unfortunately stuck in abusive, >controlling
>systems will see the benefits of the approach described in the >following
>passage. Many would wish for the opportunity to provide the >simple, ethical
>interventions you outline here,
>”While walking through a local shopping centre with his parents, >he turned
>and saw two security guards walking toward them. Their uniform is >very
>similar to that of the Victorian Police; thinking they were police >coming
>to arrest him, Garth panicked, but the guards walked past. His >parents
>tried to settle him, but he remained edgy and irritable for the >rest of the
>day. That evening, he began acting in a way they had often seen in >the
>hospital, saying things like: “My schizophrenia is really bad >tonight, I’ve
>just had a visual hallucination.” His agitation settled after a 90- >minute
>consultation and, the next morning, he was back to normal.” >
>especially compared to the messages about power and institutional >rigidity
>here –
>” Professor after professor has described him as suffering “a >brittle
>psychosis” that requires extreme treatment. He has been seen as >quite
>likely the most dangerous man in the state’s entire history. While >the
>total cost to the taxpayers has been well more than $10 million, >the
>benefits of this prodigious diversion of resources to one (rather >small)
>man have been underwhelming. The cost to Daniels and his family >has been
>The question arises, is there a conventional wisdom that supports >these
>excessive costs for “treatment as usual”, in a system which is >built on the
>authority of those who have most to gain by its perpetuation? >
>The system seems needlessly inhumane, certainly with doubtful >human rights
>concerns at least, as well as adding significantly more strain on >family
>and staff members who carry the burden of ineffective treatment. >
>No wonder many families who hear about open dialogue travel to >Finland to
>find treatment.
>Best Wishes
>Philip Benjamin
>(+61) 0418 887 007
>(+44) 07482 700 287
>”Dreaming is free”, Blondie, 1979

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