Renaming schizophrenia … PSS

“Psychosis Susceptibility Syndrome”… It is certainly a better term than ‘schizophrenia’, but does it allow for the idea of recovery as a core issue?

5 responses to “Renaming schizophrenia … PSS

  1. There are two stages to recovery: recovery from the psychosis and recovery from the susceptibility to psychosis (the vulnerability). The great majority can recover from the psychosis; many can get on a road to recovery from the susceptibility; and a few can get to the end of that road — they are no longer vulnerable. One does not hear so much about the last group, because they get written out of psychiatry, and most do not want to know any more. Perhaps too complicated to explain in our little flip booklet! Thank you for your re-blog.

  2. What I can say of mental illness is that: as a now stabilised person I took a different view. When going through mental health I can state voices have a form of reality – but please don’t scoff at this point. I will start by telling you I consider mental health to be the cause of superstitious echoes that cause some to become ‘Casualties of Consciousness’ via the term I am writing about in my third book that is ‘The Lower Voice of Significance’. At all times during my assessment I remained in a sublime clarity constantly assessing what was happening. And yes noises contained what were the causes of my voices, but also strings of conversation picked out by the Bi-cameral mind. Because of superstition though patients/clients build a shell of denial factors to the L.V.S causing no cure. Only mental illness via denial of what is in Psychology ‘A Script narration of Buzzing choral noises’ giving a state of what I consider to be as ‘Bi-cameral instincts’ of ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ where a person uses an overspill of night into a daily continuance of a dormant ‘Theory of Mind’ creating this Script narration.
    If you have an interest in what I have become after my mental health assessment go to: via the Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines. And yes ‘psychosis susceptibility syndrome’ if you consider a person drifting in and out of psychosis is a person of either: Dormant denial of their life story because of mass stigma including the clients views; or evolutionary processes causing re-emergence of a Bi-cameral state; or my route in agreeing that the ‘PSS’ is a reality. drwhomark09

  3. Hearing voices does not indicate a psychosis. Only when it is so persistent and threatening that it makes you ill.
    Bill George

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