This month in voices: September 2014

This month in voices

There wasn’t a great quantity of research published in September, but the two papers I summarise below are hopefully helpful in showcasing how cognitive behavioural therapy is actually done for voice-hearing, and how researchers are looking at the role of altered neural connectivity in voice-hearing.

BostonBoston, USA. Wigand and colleagues examine if changes to the wiring in the brain that link the auditory areas in the left hemisphere to the auditory areas in the right hemisphere may play a role in causing voice-hearing.

CC auditory The corpus callosum (blue) extracted from the rest of the brain (side view, front of the brain on the left). The part which links the left and right auditory areas is show in orange (taken from Wigand et al).

Accessible summary: The corpus callosum is a bundle of white matter fibers (the brain’s signalling cables) which link the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This…

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