voices: symptom of illness – or creative, ingenious survival strategy? Eleanor Longden

recovery network: Toronto

Eleanor 1Eleanor Longden’s TED talk has been viewed by more than three million times in the ten months since it was published. [2.5 million views at TED.com site alone]

If you’ve missed out you can see and hear it here.

Eleanor tells her story of how she started to hear voices when she went away to college, found it wierd but un-troubling and “oddly companionate”,  “mundane”, until she told friends and they told her she must see a doctor – and the doctors and told her she was ill, and :

“you’d be better off if you had cancer , it’s easier to cure”

[odd eh? how doctors make something they don’t understand all about what they can’t do for you?]

Eleanor  goes on to tell of how she found others who supported her and helped her make sense of her world and to find her way. One doctor, when they met…

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