Training opportunities in Recovery Practice – Hearing Voices Approach

I just want to set the tone for this compilation with reference to an article from BMC Biology by Corvin (2011), Two patients walk into a clinic…a genomics perspective on the future of schizophrenia, which comes to some very odd conclusions (from my point of view) but begins very interestingly:

"In 2011, two people meet in a psychiatrist’s waiting room. To the untrained eye they have little in common.
Patient A has a history of brief psychotic episodes characterized by persecutory delusions and auditory hallucinations. She is married, with a good job and has been asymptomatic since starting medication three years before.
Patient B is slow and unreactive in his responses, communicates poorly, has poor hygiene and is suspicious of other people. He believes that aliens have implanted a device in his head that controls his thoughts, feelings and actions. He hears them talking about him and commenting on his behavior. He has spent much of the last three years in hospital and has few remaining social contacts.
Despite the obvious differences in symptomatology and illness course, their treating psychiatrist has diagnosed them both with schizophrenia, prescribes them the same medication and enrolls them as participants in a research study of schizophrenia…"

In Australia…

Society for Psychotherapy Research 44th International Conference

Brisbane, 10-13 July

Note that the UK Chapter Conference is on 12-14 September, in Oxford – see website above for details


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