This month in voices: March 2013

Another fine collation of the current research by Simon McCarthy- Jones

This month in voices

This month, despite a paper on the Hearing Voices Movement’s approach, and a couple of papers on CBT-related aspects of voice-hearing, the majority of the papers are neurological in focus. Given this, I’ve put a sprinkling of other talks/articles at the end of this post, to give things a more rounded bouquet. Sláinte!


Manchester, England. Bucci and colleagues examine what predicts whether people obey the harmful commands given by some voices.Manchester library

Accessible summary: Around three in four people who hear voices will have some voices that tell or command them to do things. This study examined what factors predicted whether people did the harmful things (either to themselves or others) that voices told them to do. In people interviewed, 25/32 heard voices commanding them to hurt themselves (31% obeyed these voices), and 10/32 heard voices commanding them to  hurt others (11% obeyed these voices). It was found that the…

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