Paradigms lost: NIMH, McGorry & DSM-5’s failure – Left Flank

Here is one psychiatrists view on the current debates in psychiatry

“The real problem afflicting all these attempts to find a way out of the current impasse is that they have failed to accurately diagnose the sources of the crisis. Because psychiatry, like the rest of medicine, is deeply imbued with scientific positivism (that real science is free of social values) and methodological individualism (that social processes are merely the aggregate outcome of individual behaviours), it cannot fully grasp that all health and illness — mental and physical — is both socially embedded and socially constructed. Therefore it cannot critically reflect on its own social nature, its own ideologies and practices that are inextricably bound up with wider social conflicts in their historical contexts.”

Paradigms lost: NIMH, McGorry & DSM-5’s failure – Left Flank.

2 responses to “Paradigms lost: NIMH, McGorry & DSM-5’s failure – Left Flank

  1. One of the flaws of the DSM V and it’s predecessors is epistomological in nature and by corollary in its theoretical grounding. Take “Depression” as an example. Whilst depression has been widely researched and written about as a subject matter of theory and corresponding practice applications for therapy, an aspect of depression that has had little focus is that exogenous depression is not merely a depressive reaction to adverse life events but at least etiologically caused by a person’s chronic sense of powerlessness to effect change to improve those life circumstances.

    Another root cause of depression, a person’s tendency to direct their aggression towards themselves which often manifests itself in self destructive behaviors such as gambling, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse etc is often overlooked by the very people who are guided by the DSM model and who therefore confine their treatment to the surface symptoms and ignore the real cause thereby perpetuating the problem leading to increased incidence of relapse.

    David Kaye PhD

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